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My Personal Achievement

    I was born on 13th August 1996. It was a honorable day for both of my parents after my brother and my sister. I was the third child in my family while my sister was the 1st and my brother was the 2nd. After 5 years later, my family was granted with the born of my little sister and my little brother. The conclusion, I have 4 siblings altogether. I mostly closed with my mom and elder's sister 'cause they were the only person that I always shared my problem. However, I do loved my father too, my little sister,brother, little brother 'cause they were my lovely siblings

    On 13th of August 1996, born a little baby girl in Hospital Ampuan Rahimah in Klang,Selangor.
I was born in beautiful and lovely family. Seventeen years ago, I came into a world of love and laughter. I was the third child from the five siblings. For the first year, I learned how to walk. My mom tough me very well until I able to stand up and walked like I am now. Firstly,I crawled for the first move before I able to stand up and walked. My father and mom was very happy when I got to walk very smoothly. It was the happiest moment for the both of them. It was the first achievement for me and my parents in raised me.

    Furthermore, after seven years passed, I stepped into my first primary school. I school same with both of my parents as they was the teachers at that school. It was achievement for me 'cause I able to go to the school. It was an experienced that I will treasured it for the whole of my life. For the first time I stepped into the school, I was very excited and happy for the first day of my school. After five years studied in that school, I graduated from the school. I gained many new experienced that I will treasured it forever. I also gets great result in UPSR examination. It was the second achievement in my life.

    With the qualification results in UPSR examination, I can proceed my studies to secondary school as it determined the flow of my future. In secondary school, I will went through PMR examination for lower secondary and SPM examination for upper secondary. Both examination will determined the flow of my future. So, I already tried my best to get results that will helped me in the future. Finally, I get what I want.

    I thanked to both of my parents for all the tutoring to me until I become a good person just I am now. I also thanked to them for raised me until I can further my studies in college. Growing up as a child until now, it has been mine and my parents hopes for me to become what I want to be. A diploma in Multimedia enables me to achieved my goals and also gave me opportunity to make a difference in the community. I have achieved many different goals in life. Some of my achievement are bigger than others, which has given me greater satisfaction. First, I can further my studies, and second I get my driver's license.

    Lastly, I wanted to thanked to both of my parents,my sister and my brother in helping me in studies before I went to college. There was many challenge that I have to face in order to become 
succeeded person. Therefore, I needed all my supported from my family, so I can went through the challenge smoothly.

Date          : 20 August 2014
Written by : Intan Nursyafiqah Bt Johari
Them        : Self Improvement/Achievement           


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