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             Self achievement is the things that happen in through human cycle life . Some of them are best moment and some of them are bad moment . Is up to us to know our weakness to stand up to fight and have a strength to reach goals in our life . Most important aspects of our lives is work , study and something to which we dedicate to our beloved family .
             I was born on 7 April 1996 . It was my first achievement in my life when I finally born in this world . I felt so grateful to live in such wonderful and have loving family . After a few years , I got my second achievement where i can stand and walk properly . When I was a kids , the next achievement is I learned to knowledge everything in front of me and my surroundings . I learned how to write , how to read , how to spell and pronounce correctly . It was the great moment when I start to know everything in this world .

            In academic , I sit for an important examination in primary school which called UPSR . It was my first important exam in my life . I felt so restless that moment when I about to enter the hall because I'm not ready . When it comes to my first result . It actually not bad because I manage to grab A in UPSR . When I manage to get through to secondary school I was facing the same situation where the important examination comes in my head . There's a moment I could not forget , the best moment is when my SPM results comes out . I rush from Seremban to Bangi in bad weathers when the train hit my sister roof car like a bullets . But , it would not stop me getting my result . And then , I manage to get 2A and 7B . I feel I'm the happiest man on that time when I finally manage to get better results .

           Next , I love spend my leisure time by doing sports such as playing football or badminton . In primary school , I manage to get participate in football team . Which I play football for my school competition and classes . While I'm in the secondary school , I got to achieve medal in basketball competition for my team . We manage to get to final because the teamwork and high spirit we put in together .

         After that , the next achievement is I got further my studies in college . In college , the environment when I'm study is totally different when I'm in school . I learn how to manage my money , manage my time and do all activities by myself . For the first time is quite challenging because I still can't adapt with the new environment . After that , I must keep my head positive and focus on my objective to finally graduate in Diploma .

       Finally , I would like to thanks to my family and friend that had been supporting me all this time to help me achieve everything in my life . Without them the world will not be complete and I can't reach any of my self achievement until what I become now .

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       Date : 20 August 2014
       Name : Ahmad Naqib Bin Ahmad Fuad
       Theme : Self Achievement/Improvement

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