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            The meaning of self-improvement according to my point of view is the process by which is person's character abilities are gratually developed. Every persons have a self-development by ownself. Every self-development is starting begin after we born in this world. This is the motto that often expressed and always walk in our life. Self-development that I want to improve is how to be a independent person.

             In order for me to fully develop from a child to adult that person will need to become independent. Not everybody will become independent include me too. I was born 24 April 1996 at Pusat Perubatan University Malaya in Kuala Lumpur. My name was given by my father when I was born. When I was born, I need to learns how my mother feed me but when I am gets older I learns to feed by myself which is no longer needs my mother to do that for me. When I was eight month, I learn how to crawl. Morever, when I was one years old, my parents teach me how to walk step by step and finally I can walk by own self even I was not walk stability yet. When I was four years old, my parents send me to the kindergarten. From the kindergarten, I learn something new which is my teachers me how to read or pronous properly in Bahasa Melayu and English.

            Furthermore, when I was seven years old, my parents sent me to the primary school near by my house. For the first time, I was so an excited to go to school because I can learn to do more and more by myself. In primary school, I got many friends and I am so happy because I get a new friends, get to know about teachers in primary school. What I learn in primary school is I learns about the vocal of ABC until vocal Z, numbers, and everything. From that I get a lot of knowledege from didn't know until I know everything what teachers teach me and my classmates. For the first time when I entered the classroom, one of my subject teacher ask me to introduction about myself which is I have to intro my name and everything about myself but that time I am so confidence to intrp myself infront of my classmates and teacher.

           When I was in secondary school, I feel like I am getting older and I think I growth up fastly infront of my parents and I became a high school student. I wasn't expecting and unexpected, I was drowned by events, homeworks, responsibilties as a monitor class and I am being librianes perfect, a lot of problems, friends, and all other things. But it came to my mind that high school life is a challenging than primary school because in secondary school, I have took an exam. As I have expected in high school when I was form two, when I get an offer to be a librianes perfect. It was non very unexpected because every one week I have to stay evening at library to do my responsibleas librianes. In five years in my school, I also learns something how to do something different than primary school, After I finished my high school, many things that I want to do is working which is I want find some pocket moneys. But my finally my plan was not sucessfull because I have to help my mom to take care of my twins younger sister. From that, I learns something different which I have to take care of baby. I learns to feed a milk, how to do milk, I learn how to cooking with my grandmother and every night my second twin will sleep with me.

           After result spm is coming out, many letters I got from any colleges. I plan to entered university or polytechnic but the result make me feel sad and dissapointed because I did get anything offer from goverment. But then I decide to apply kptm. After two weeks from I applied, I get an offer from kptm which is course I get diploma in multimedia. I was not happy because I apply for course diploma in human resource and I hope I can get that course but I did get it that course. I am very sad and my parents ask me to entered form 6 first but that does not longer I entered form 6. Once the date is coming for register, my whole family send me to ipoh for registiration at kptm ipoh. After all finished, they going back home and I feel like so sad because I have to accept that I have to stay far away from my family. Before this my parents will do everything for me but now I have to do it my ownself and be a independent person without parents. I learn how to do something with diffcult until sucessfull. I never imagined just how hard it would be without parents and my siblings before I entered the college.

           Conclusion, to be a independent person is not easily to do one is to think how to solve the problem. I just faced all the problem and solve it by myself. My achievement is speak for themselves what I have to keep track of are our failures, discouregemenls and doubts. We end to forget the past difficulties, the many false start and the painful groping. If without focus on your goal, I will reach levels of achievement that I never thought possible that will come by one day.

Date: 23/08/2014
Written by: Izzah Farhatun binti Zol Arduan
Theme: Self improvement/Achievement

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