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              When at the first i was born in 1996.My  parents are happy that there got first daughter.My parents give my name is NurAthirah Bt Abu Hasan.Then ,when i'am was four years old my dad sent me to a kindergarteen.At that time i remember i was scared and crying infront of my parents.My teacher persuade me and take me from my parents .After one month later my mom pregnant for a second time which is my mom tell me that i got a brother.He's name is Muhammad Fakhrul Amin and we family happy at the moment.

                       After that, when we growing up, my parents sent me into a secondary school.At that moment i was happy and excited because we have a many friends.When me and my brother separated class we are still meet each other.I'm and my brother are very closed.After two years later i got third brother and his name Muhammad Hafiz.At that time i was so happy and we have new siblings.

                     For one years later, my mom have got new siblings and her name is Aida Maisarah.I was so happy and i can play with my sister.Then,when there growing up i surely help my mother to take care of my siblings that time.Basically,when my parents working outside my father cousin side take care of all us.
                     However,when i was thirteen years old suddenly my mom pregnant for the last one is boy ,his name Muhammad Alif Farhan,my family and i are very happy.When i am thirteen years old i school at Methodist Girl School until form five.I very happy that i was form one which is first study at secondary school.There are many friends i have meet ,different religions and different country.My favourite food is chinese fried rise and the drink is ribena.Others fovourite is playing netball nand badminton.Basically, i'm the athlete at my school starting form one until form four.When  form five i suddenly stop for a while for being athlete because spm around the corner.
                     After spm finished i suddenly help my parents for selling food and other item like shawl and Baju Kurung for a while.When i work,my parents told me that i must take a driver lesson.At first,i scared and nervous because first time learn driver lesson.After exam computer i got passes and wait for get a L id driver lesson.After one weeks i learn drive for a eight hours,but in two hours in one day .After one weeks learning, i got passes and wait around two weeks to get the P id.

                      After two months my father told me that i'm must studied.Actually, i'm not ready , because i thinking that my result is not quite good.My parents told me does'nt matter if my result bad but only one is want to studied.I decided follow my parents decision and my father register my name at KPTM email. After i month, i schoked that time because i can't believe that i passes.My new life is started and i will try my best to become a education person.
                  This is my achievement i have a dream my dream i want to be a chereography for dancing and continue studied in overseas to become a talented person.I try myself and improve my education step by step.Actually, i'm not the great person but i'm try my best being who i am. 



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