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Environments Of Gaza
Theme : Environment
Day : Tuesday
Date : 5/8/2014

My name is Abdul Mustaqim Bin Abdullah and I'm from Pulau Pinang.currently I am 18 years old.My family consist of myself, my parents, a brother and two sisters.I am the eldest among my sibling.After SPM I further my study to KPTM Ipoh, Perak.the reason that I write this blog is to write an essay reguiding on the topic environment that is given by Miss. Uzairah Binti Mohd Ali.
    For me environment meant our surrounding.As yuo can see our environment are full of flora and fauna but its slowly polluted by us so let us decrease the pollution that we made for our good.But not about the pollutoin that I want to write about, I want to write about the environment in Gaza that were destroy by the heartless Israel.
    Long ago Palestine or Gaza was a peaceful country but in 1994, Israel start to take over Gaza but their work were againt by the people of Gaza.Angry with that Israel attack all the innocent lives including children and eldrey people. Israel force has  dropped rockets across Gaza striping  a military operation louched named operation protective edge.At this moment the raids have kill many palestinians , including children and injuring others. They have dropped  400tones of bombs and missiles on the Gaza strip.
    We as muslims should feel very sad that Gaza had become victim of cruel action of Israel force.As we can see from all media report the public places such as houses, school, office, shop and other were destroyed by Israel bombs and moctars.Because of these attack many student could not go to school because there are no school left for them to study.All the injured were taken to hospital to receive treatment.Because of many people were injured fronm those attack some them were treated outside the hospital.While the dead were taked to a field for buried.Because there are many people were kill they were buried together in big grave.By seen this happen we as their muslim brothers should feel so regret because does not help them against the creul Israel.
    So, to repent our sins we can give our help by give them medical supplies, kitchen supplies and more.We also can boycot the product that supplies to the Israel force such as Nestle, Coca-cola, Starbuck, Motorola and else.As muslim the strongest weapon we got is our doa so, why dont we pray for thier savety because Allah always heard our doa.For Palestinians it is a necessary you to be patient for help because Allah say He will be with those who are always remamber Him.#PrayForGaza.

                                                                                                                          (420 words)
          Written By,
Abdul Mustaqim Bin Abdullah

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