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Smoking Habit

Smoking is one of killing agent here on Earth. Many people dies because of the effect of smoking. But still many people smoking although they know the effect of smoking. They think smoking can release stress, maintain body weight and some think it can make you happy. The reason I write this essay are not to give you an article about smoking habit but I want to share a story about my late grandfather who was die because of heavy smoking.
    Since I was child my family and I stay near my grandparent house. My sibling and I use to go to my grandparent house and usually my grandfather will take out his car and take us around and some time he take us to fishing. He was very loving person but he a bad habit which are smoking. My parent and my grandmother had sick to advice to stop smoking but he still not stop smoking he said he feels his mouth tasteless without cigarette in it.
    One day, while we are preparing to go for picnic my grandfather fainted near my dad car. We quickly call for help. A few minutes later an ambulance came and take him to the nearest hospital. We follow the ambulance to the hospital. After a few hour waiting a doctor came and tell my father that my grandfather had a lung cancer and had a few month to leave.
     After a week in the hospital the doctor said that we can take my grandfather home and said make him happy and don’t tell him about the cancer that he carried. So my father decided to all of us for a walk every weekend. My father take us around Penang and Kedah and enjoy the beautiful scenery. My grandfather were very happy, I had never seen he so happy like this. We are all feel release to see him happy like this.
      In 16 Ramadan during sahur we hear someone call for help, it was my grandmother she said that my grandfather breathe heavily and we quickly came to see what happen. We see that he still smiling although he suffer the sickness. We stay beside him until his last breath.

    For those smoker out there please I beg you to stop smoking if you still love your family. If not you will suffer the same way that my grandfather did and remember smoke kills.

Name : Abdul Mustaqim Bin Abdullah
Date : 19/09/2014
Theme : Health And Lifestyle

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