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     Being healthy is not just about what you eat, even though that is a big portion. Being healthy is about how you treat your body, meaning what you put into it, and the type of things you put your through. Most people think being healthy is an experience and difficult lifestyle. People are just take this thing easily while their really want to make changes in their lives

     Today, I want to share a story about my cousin lifestyle and her healthier habit of eating. One thing that she said is to lead a healthier lifestyle is to change the way you eat. Everyone should eat plenty of fruits,vegetables,lean meats,whole grains,healthy oils and fats. Many people thinks that fresh fruits and vegetables,lean meats are most expensive.Sometimes this may be true,but most of the time,you pay for what you get.So,if you buy cheap food,with no nutrition value,then it will give harm to your body.

     Furthermore,another tips of to maintain a good and healthier body is exercise. My cousin said that she also always exercise daily even if it is just for an hour.Exercising keeps the body in shape and youthful.People who exercise also have a good strength and are able to perform physical activity for a good amount of time.Exercising can be fun if you make it,but anyone can do it without a gym membership.

     Being healthy is about the choices that you make. Another thing that can do to maintain a healthy lifestyle is take multivitamins.For a certain body,different multivitamins is take for themselves. For my cousin body,she always took multivitamin because she need it to main her good lifestyle.For some people, they just take them to stay ahead and make sure their body is getting the minerals and vitamins that they need

     Conclusion is healthy or lifestyle is a combination of many things,including a good nutrition,regular exercise and a positive attitude.They are many things to improve your quality of live and exercising regularly is the easiest steps.No matter how small your effort is,you can make a change and an improvement in your live.


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