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  Healthy means coordinate your body in maintaining your balanced and nutritious diet as well as engaging in sport or fitness related activities . A healthy lifestyle , when the person inadequate to ensure a healthy body as physical activity helps to keep one in a shape and free of sickness an disease .

  To live healthy lifestyle , we must always have a balanced diet . A balanced diet consist of all seven classes of food on their tight proportions including carbohydrates , protein , vitamins , minerals , fats fibre and water . If we do not abide by this rule , we may get sick easily . In other words , we need to eat right in order to stay healthy .

  I take my neighbour as example , his age already reach 50 years old and he still in good shape . He doesn't take any medicine until now . When I ask him he said he only do exercise three days a week . Exercise help a person in improving stamina , physical strength and agility . During exercise , our body will able to take in more oxygen than normal breath . It also increase the metabolism for healthier cells . Therefore , it is one main reason why he can keep and maintaining his health .

  After that , he told me that we need to have enough rest and sleep after we done working all day . Enough rest and sleep for as long as eight hours  will help us to recover energy that we have lost during the day . In fact , once we recharge through enough rest and sleep , we can do our job or daily routine in no problem .

  Moreover , we should futfill our daily life doing such things we love or hobby such as reading , surfing internet , playing chess and watching television . We need to have hobby for us to spend time our time more productively instead of wasting our time . With hobbies , we even can find common grounds with our friends to share and enjoy the same hobbies together .

  Finally , he added that we must stay away from negative habits such as drinking alcohol , taking drugs , and smoking . Because negative habits could give many bad side effect to us . Lastly , life is precious so we should not waste it on negative lifestyle . Those who live in healthy lifestyle , tend to enjoy a longer and happier daily life .

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Date : 15/9/2014
Name : Ahmad Naqib B Ahmad Fuad
Theme : Healthy And Lifestyle

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