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     Healthy is that every human race should healthy lifestyle is undeniable the is important duty ourselves.As the saying goes,'if you do not have good healthy,you do not have wealth.'Although,there are many things that people can do to improve their quality of their life.Sometimes people can reach their goal is nutrition and meal preparation,exercise and physical fitness and maintain the bodys with check up with doctor.
          However,our bodies like cars need to run,walk and anything that we must move on.Also need in the house,our family must take care their children about healthy.Young adults learn the value of habits and excerise when they see the fitness state of older members of the family.
          Healthy can says that guide are eat a variety of foods to get the energy,protein,vitamins,minerals and fiber you need for good healthy.You should also maintain a healthy height can lower you chances of a having high blood pressure,heart disease,a stroke,cancers,and the most common kind of diabetes.
          Although,it is a tried and fact that good habits,when learnt and practised early in life,have a lasting effect.One such habits that every human race needs to adopt is regular exercise.Some people did not getting enough do the physical activity.The number obese people are increasing daily.This is should stop it and we need to do us soon as possible to encouraged healthy lifestyle to the people.

        Beside,people can say that they have a emotional healthy,but not obvious to outsides,it is easily visible to every human race.Sometimes they are making difficult for spend quality time with their ownself.People would develop a positive outlook which in turn helps to lead a healthy lifestyle.There are many different kinds of exercise the example is walking,running,swimming and dancing.This is can give every people to become a stronger and good healthy.

       Finally, we can says that healthy living is a combination of many things,including good nutrition,regular exercise and positive message in ourselves or people.Taking care of our body and improve our physical and mental healthy.There are also many things can improve our quality of life.Also can says that improve our diet and exercise every day is two of the easy steps.Np matter how small it is you to start and you can make a change and improve your life step by step. 



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