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             Living a healthier life can not be only extend your life, it can also improve the quality of our life. Feeling physically better and having control over your own life. Although there are some aspects of physical and mental health and many things that people can do to improve their quality of life. Some things that can help people reach this goal is nutrition and meal preparation, exercise and physical fitness.

             Like an example, I took my mom as well about her healthy and lifestyle a long time her pregnant. Last year, my family get a good news which my mom pregnancy. My mom pregnant was 45 years old last year. My mom do a medical check up and after that the doctor said that my mom will get a baby twins. My family ad I was not believe that I will get a new siblings in our family. After she got know about that, she take care of her pregnancy with properly and always eat a variety of foods, protein, vitamins, minerals and fiber for good health and the babies.

             During the fasting month last year, my mom started to feel nauseous after breaking fast. She always nauseous after breaking fast. What food that my mom have been eating, will come out again and again. Eventhough, my mom always be tired during fasting and her energy didn't enough for her to do some work at home and at office. Not that all, my mom always sleep early at night because she always said that she very tired. My mom also have a gastric. Everytime we go shopping during the fasting month last year, my mom would stomach due to gastric pain experienced during her first pregnancy and she had to break fast early.

            Day by day my mom stomach become bigger and bigger. On the that day for medical check up, my mom went to hospital to doing medical check up and the doctor said that my mom blood pressure start higher than before this. After the doctor doing medical check up, the doctor said that they have to do an operation for saved the babies because it's to dangerous if my mom want to give birth as normal like before. Then my parents decide to do an operation before it's too late. After finished the operation, my dad told to me and my siblings that we got a baby twins. It's a girls. At that time I am so grateful that my mom and the babies was saved but they born premature birth. But the babies was normal. After my mom give birth, my mother weight decreases. My mom body shape like a younger or student. She become more tired because she didn't enough energy to handle the twins but I helped my mom to lighten the burden of my mom.

           Finally, every month the babies twin have to go to the clinic for injection and my mom also have to take a medicine for get a lower the blood pressure. However, my mom also always do medical check up for get a news. The doctor told me that my mom blood pressure have to control and stay mantain to get a good healthy because the blood pressure can caused of stroke. My mom also can not be stress because the blood pressure can come and my mom also should follow the instrutions what the doctor said.

Date: 20/09/2014
Name: Izzah Farhatun binti Zol Arduan
Theme: Healthy and Lifestyle

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