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As a human being, we can’t run from doing mistake because we are imperfect. As for me the mistake that i have done is i didn’t  study for my PMR exam and i had a bad result for it. I promise for myself that i will not doing the same mistake again for this SPM exam. I had figure out the main distrubant in myself that had to improve are my sleeping habit, my laziness and my lack of self descipline.

The first thing that i want to improve is my sleeping habit.the avarage person of my age wake up at 7 a.m but i usually wake up at 12 p.m. My problem that i sleep late, then i wake up late and feel tired and sleepy during the day. The solution to this problem is start to make my timetable for the day and sleep on time. In my timetable i had to balance my study and my physical activities so that my physical and mental are balance. If they are balance i wll stay fit and refreshing.

Next, big thing that i want to improve is my laziness. My laziness bother me a lot. For  example, if i don’t finish my homework on time, i get trouble with my teacher and my aducation will down that why i had bad result in PMR. The way to improve it i had to change my hobby to doing excersizes every day atleast one subject a day. It is for my own good.

Last but not least, i had to improve is my lack of my self-descipline. For example, my parents push me all the time to do my homework, or  tell me to study. The only solution to this is to find something that i enjoy doing and get motivated to sucess. The motivation to sucess will probably make me went to change and become better person that my family and teachrs can be proud of. If i do my homework and get good gredes. I can get into a good university witch will eventually lead me to a better future.


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